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Max & Ruby: Maxs Mole Mash

Action & Abenteuer
2.99 usd

Mash Moles in this NEW edition of Max & Ruby: Mole Mash! 5 out of 5 stars!
"...a Must-Have for Kids" -
Help Max mash moles before Grandma gets home! Tap the screen every time a mole appears and watch as Max mashes them quickly back into their holes. Entertain your child for hours and hours with hilarious game play. Mash all the moles before time runs out to win!
•Mash all the moles before time runs out! •Play in Arcade or Puzzle mode. •Select 8 Max & Ruby themed machines! •New Max & Ruby Wallpapers!
“It will keep your little ones busy for a while and help then with colour recognition as well as improve speed and coordination” – Fun Educational Apps,
“The Madhouse mini-testers all loved it and had great fun with it” - Cheryl Pasquier, Madhouse Family Reviews,
“If you have young children who love the mole mash games at the arcades, they will definitely love this app” – Robin Mccoy Ramirez, Inspired by Savannah,
“The game is very simple and fun” - Jennie Yuen, Baby Brandon's Adventures,
“This app is very entertaining and I would recommend it for parents of younger children” - Canadianladybug Reviews!
“A treat for kids and adults who want a fun way to pass the time” – Candice, The New Modern Momma,
“Very cute and great for coordination and decision making for kids!” – Cher, Mom and More,
“This App is not only fun but it works on the child's hand eye coordination and color knowledge” – Jenny, Sippy Cup Chronicles
“…a fun mole-mashing game where your little one rushes to help Max smash all of the moles before Grandma gets home” – Gabrielle, CA MONKEY MOMMA,
“…if you have little Max and Ruby fans this game is perfect for you” – Rheanna, Cammo Style Love,
“I loved that the game was very preschooler friendly with the Max and Ruby characters and the adorable graphics” – Ellery, Mom’s Life Made Easy,